This performance/workshop opens with a “lecture” presented by Dr. Giuseppe Materasso, the oldest known
survivor of Italy’s popular theatrical entertainment of the Renaissance. Dr. Materasso, who estimates his age at
475 years, presents eyewitness accounts of the history and influence of the
Commedia dell’Arte. He also
performs brief improvisations using some of the traditional character masks of the
Commedia dell’Arte. This will
be followed by a hands-on workshop in which participants will be introduced to the masks, characters, and
improvisational style of the
Commedia dell’Arte.
Commedia dell’Arte:
The Prime Time Television of the Italian Renaissance
From Renaissance Italy and traditional court jesters to interactive street theatre and Who's Line Is It,
, improvisation has been a part of the theatrical arts for centuries. Beyond its use as a stand-alone
entertainment, there may be no better tool for actor development. For directors, the use of improv can help
shape a scene, establish character, or deepen character relationships. There is physical activity that may involve
the floor, so dress accordingly.
The Fine Print:
Unless otherwise noted, these workshops are designed to be three hours long with an optimal number of
participants at about 15. In addition to the workshop fees, there are also charges for travel expenses. Fees may
depend upon size and scope of organization, travel distance, length of stay, and number of workshops being
conducted at one or more sites in the area. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs without
sacrificing the effectiveness of the workshops.
Teodoro Valicenti, Direttore
Toll-free: 877-729-0054
Local: 717-682-6078
P.O. Box 87, Paradise, PA 17562
Delcastle Technical High School, Wilmington, Delaware
November 1, 2007
Improvisation Workshop with teacher David Pody and his Drama Club students

Here's a kind note from David:
Recent Workshops
Directors, Actors, Writers:

Ted Wilson recently presented an improvisation workshop at my school. In a matter
of three hours he managed to advance my drama students by at least three weeks.
His workshop was both well-planned and flexible. He included each and every
student in my club. From special education students to honor roll students, they
were all actively engaged and thoroughly pleased. If you get a chance to see some
of the photos of the Delcastle workshop, you will see smiling faces in every shot.
These are not Ted's publicity photos; these are photos that I took for our club. At
our next rehearsal, I easily referenced what Ted had done when I was giving the
students my directions. Both Ted and I have worked in professional theatre for over
twenty years. I definitely recommend contacting Ted Wilson.

David Pody

Director Delcastle Drama Club